The Hunting Party

Humourous short story about animals hunting humans for fun. (School Project)

Scroll down to see how I made the models and the sets!

take a look at the Backstage…

First I painted the background panel, then I put two pieces of green felt with lots of crushed newspaper underneath to make the objects stand up from the ground.
Then I made a paper tree using wallpaper and tissue paper.
And added the tree and some musk to the scene. Then I sculpted the house, using cardboard as a structure and white modeling paste, which had to stand to dry for a few hours.
While I was waiting for the paste to dry, I scuplted the windows, then painted the house and added the windows.
Once the set was completed, I sculpted the characters. I used wire and then added volume with aluminium foil, and once the basic structure was completed, I sculpted heads, hands, legs and tails using FIMO paste, then I… cooked them in the oven!
Once cooked and cooled down, I could “dress” them with felt jackets (this one needed buttons, I added them to it later) and paint them with acrylic paint. Oh I also made the fence…
… and the trap. Now moving on to the second scene.
Same materials, same stages as the first scene: tissue paper for the floor, wall paper for the walls, wire and aluminium foil to build table, chairs and the three animals, and FIMO on top. Oh and that miniature clock came from an old dollhouse I fouind in my parents’ house.
The table centrepiece is made of rice paper, the teapot and the teacups are made of FIMO.
And lastly, I added some decorations to the walls, and of course…
,,, the heads!